Simple acts of kindness have a tremendously positive effect on our society and can dramatically change many lives.

The goal of the Katalyst program is to spread kindness in our surrounding communities. Become a Kindness-Catalyst of goodness! The Draw a Smile Foundation is encouraging every human being to be part this fantastic opportunity, even if you are outside the State of Mississippi.

Please join us in this noble endeavor, spread smiles and simple acts of kindness; leave goodness in your wake.

To reward your act of kindness, you will gain access to discounted movie tickets, broadway shows, hotel stays, computers, theme parks, etc. To get access to this, e-mail us a picture of you performing your act of kindness to and then the welcome package with instructions to enjoy your free discounts will be e-mailed to you.

By e-mailing us your picture, you are granting us permission to post the sent image on various social media outlets to promote humanity and kindness. Kindness is the gift that keeps on giving =)